Reasons behind decline in rank and traffic of a webpage

In some occasion, decline in the rank with the home page can be noticed even if everything is fine with the internal pages. Due to sudden decline in the rank, it is quite natural to rack the brains in order to find a reason.
As a first step to know about the issue behind decline in webpage ranking, you may need to go through a step by step analysis. Lots of reasons can be there behind the decrease in rank. Smart and professional SEO often goes through same problem also. On the occasion, they may not able to find out the reason behind it straight away. It is a frustrating situation without any doubt.
Here, you must look at your SEO effort especially if there is an issue with the site. Decline in home page while internal pages are maintaining its position may not be a big issue with the increase of traffic and lead. Both objectives and goals must be understood in order to create an effective SEO strategy.
If there is not any goal behind your SEO efforts then you may fall down into a rabbit hole as you are trying to fix things that may not be broken at all. More harm to the website may be done on the occasion.


In case you may not able to find out the cause behind the decline even then you may see clearly from where it has been coming. For tracking rank, you may have already set up the analytics. On the occasion, you can know about the keyword that has been experiencing the decline in the rank.
If anything cannot be found in particular with the homepage then you should look at the traffic. Sometime, technical issues can be encountered as well. It is especially noticed with the mobile version of a website. Behavior of the user can create an impact as well.
Due to decrease of search volume and traffic, you may try to create interest among the users.

Checking the Links

From the home page, links are mostly created with other websites. However, internal pages can garner more links in comparison to the home page sometime. So, it is possible for the internal pages to outrank the home page. It may not be wrong in any context. For some businesses, better ranking with the internal pages can be beneficial also.
However, you have to make sure here that there is a clear conversion path. It is better to expose the entire site through the path.
Internal pages should be made more relevant to the users. As a result, it may become easier to convert the visitor into a buyer.

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