Questions should be asked to evaluate quality of a website

Looking at a website, you may wonder whether it is a good website or not. On the occasion, you may take a step back in order to look at the website with a critical eye. Questions must be asked without any bias in your mind. It is possible to observe an issue with any website. Some of the issues may not be answered immediately due to time constraint. As a result, issues related to technical SEO may pile up further. Stability of the website may be hampered as a result also. Therefore, it may be better to evaluate the website once in a while.

Finding the flaws in the website, you must try to fix it as soon as possible.

Are there Multiple H1 tags in the webpage?

On the webpage, there should not be multiple H1 tags. It may not pose any issue for Google. However, it is still an issue for the screen readers. It is better to have only one H1 tag in the website. Focus of the page should be highlighted with the H1 tag. Therefore, it must appear only once. If there is more H1 tag in the webpage then focus of the page may be diluted. Everything should be kept straightforward on the occasion.

How much the website is crawable?

By using a third party tool, you must try to crawl on your website. On the occasion, errors can be checked through Google Search Console. The website must be tested for mobile friendliness also. If you face an issue with the crawling of the site then Google is expected to face the same issue as well.

Is error page configured effectively?

If the error pages are not configured properly then issues can be seen. Lots of website may come with 404 pages of discrete nature. However, signals may not be sent to Google on the occasion. User receives a 404 while it sends 200 HTTP codes to Google. As a result, search engine is signaled that the page is indexable with good content.

As a result, conflict can be seen between indexing and crawling. Safe solution can be found if the page displays its actual status.

Due to other configuration, specific issues cannot be solved. It may add some confusion also. Through proper identification of the issue, quality of the website can be improved also.

Is Javascript used for navigation?

Due to use of Javascript for navigation, cross browser and cross platform compatibility may experience some issues. It is better to go with HTML links for the navigation with a new URL. Similar effect can be ensured with the CSS 3 coding also. If the website has a responsive design then it can be an ideal choice for navigation.

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