Product Page Ranking Suggestions from Google

Recently, John Mueller from Google has answered questions regarding the product page ranking. On the occasion, a person has been building content and obtained rank. However, it seems to have no impact on the search visibility as far as product pages are concerned.

Giving his thoughts on the subject ‘why block post may ranks however product pages may not ’, Mueller has said.
Here, product page owner has said,

“So I’m doing SEO for an ecommerce website, pretty new, around eight months old.

And it’s not a huge website. It’s got 30,40 products in total.

We sell green tea and herbal tea online.

I’ve been seeing some movement with the efforts that we put in, regular back-linking process, on-page SEO, structured data.

We are working a lot on our blog section because that’s where we see a lot of other competitors are doing.

So I think the efforts we are making there are falling in place.

It’s just that the products page, they don’t rank well.

They don’t rank at all.”

According to Mueller, obtaining rank for product page is pretty challenging. It is quite impossible to get a link for a product page. If these product pages are not promoted adequately then it may be difficult to get a rank. John Mueller has said, “…I think that’s always challenging. And I don’t think there is a simple trick to make that happen.”

On the occasion, Mueller has asked to utilize Google Shopping Feed as it may help the content to pop up within the organic search result.

Mueller has also told,

“The one thing I would watch out for is if these are products of this ecommerce site, make sure that you have all of the merchant center set up correctly because I don’t know if this is in every country yet, but we do have kind of the Google Shopping Feed where you can …submit your products for free and then we can show those in the Shopping Search results.

And sometimes we mix that in with the normal search results.

So that’s kind of a way to additionally get your products a little bit more visibility.”

During the time, Mueller has been interested to try internal linking to obtain product page ranking also. Blog article can be linked with the product pages to ensure more visibility. In spite of being a basic strategy, it is considered to be quite effective.

Further, Mueller has added

“With regards to the … products themselves, if you’re saying that some of your content like the blog posts are ranking well but the products aren’t then sometimes you can help that by making sure that there is clear internal linking between those things.

So the pages where you are seeing that they’re working out well, make sure that there’s really a clear linking from those pages to your actual products.

My guess is probably you have some of that set up.”

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