Part 2: Content Creation Tips from Google for Success

In the first part of the content creation tips from Google, we have talked about some basic idea on how you should go ahead with the content. Now, we like to discuss a little bit more about it. So, shall we go ahead?

Repurpose your article

Instead of using a single channel to publish your content, you can utilize multiple channels. Content for the podcast can be used as a blog or YouTube video as well.
Reusing a video, the content can be transform into a blog. In this way, most number of people can be reached also.
Kevin Espiritu, YouTube and podcast creator has explained that an audience looks for a content based on context during the time. For communicating, some audience may prefer podcast while some may like to go through a blog. By publishing content in multiple channels, wider ranger audiences can be catered.
Kevin has said, “The same person, on different platforms, is in a different state of mind and requires different presentation of the same content.”

Prioritize value than quality

For developing strategy for content creation, one of the roadblocks may be its quality. There is a debate between wordiness through quality and comprehensiveness. Outranking a publisher with top 500 articles with mere top 50 articles may be a naïve approach. During writing an article, it is always better to give more attention to value.
Lifestyle blogger Rigel Gemini has advised “Focus on the value you offer your readers. People will read a post that has an eye-catching image, but more importantly, people will return to your knowledge and expertise.”

Have Success with Your Content

Common SEO strategy regarding content revolves around keywords that can attract most number of traffic. On the basis of these keywords, content is often created. However, content creation process is definitely more than SEO keywords. On the occasion, an alternative approach can be found which is to provide something important and significant to the readers.
Readers generally like to visit a site time and again that gives them pleasure to discover something new and unique each time.
Content can be developed based on the current event. Funny approach can be taken to deliver the article. Some myths can be busted at the time also. In this way, readers can see a better version of themselves after going through the article. Therefore, the reader may come back to the site again.
Leonard Cohen has said that it is important to understand about engaging the world before creating content.
However, importance of keyword based content should not be forgotten also. The content should be meaningful to you as well as readers.
Leonard Cohen has said, “I’m always in a relationship with one thing or another. …you just try to uncover the thing, you just try to make it good.
Once you get into it, it doesn’t have any borders, it doesn’t have any limits. It’s just what you’re doing.
You just keep uncovering your own heart until you can find something in which you can locate your self-respect.
It’s just self-respect that you’re looking for in your work.”

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