Part 2: Checklist for launching WordPress Site – 3 Basics

If you have already looked into the part 1 of the checklist for launching a WordPress site then you should already know that there are some basics that you may need to follow to see good results. Previously, we have already talked about the web hosting. Now, we are going to discuss other two basics behind creation of a WordPress site.
1. CDN
In case you are looking for little bit of added speed to boost your website then you must be aware about the importance and advantages of CDN or Content Delivery Network.
Due to use of CDN, handling of static content such as javascript, images and CSS may change. Static content is caught by CDN in order to ensure faster page loading speed. As a result, response time can be reduced and you may able to get a relatively speedier website. Search engine ranking in the search engine result page may improve too.
It is always better to offer a speedier site. If CDN helps you to achieve the goal then it should be utilized.
Following to some research and experiments, it can be found out that CDN indeed helps you to speed up your website. It is not possible to find any legitimate and easier ways than CDN for a speedy WordPress website.

SEO benefits:

•Website speed is increased
Response time is lessened

SEO – Friendly Themes

Most of the people may not look for a WordPress theme that is also SEO-friendly. It is definitely beneficial to use SEO friendly. Instead, people look for a theme that is pretty. Therefore, we should give a round of applause to the business that uses not only pretty themes but also SEO friendly ones.
To ensure an attractive transition, SEO optimized themes must be downloaded. Here are some features that you should look for in a theme that is perfectly SEO optimized.

Fast and Clean Code: Due to use of clean structured code, page load time can be decreased. Same time, craw ability of the page can be increased as well.

Javascript and CSS files: While using Google, less is always considered more. Therefore, use of limited number of CSS and Javafiles may help certainly. Requirement of minifying them may not be felt later on.

Simple Layout: If there is simple design in the WordPress website then page navigation may become easier for the user.

Responsive: By Google, responsive sites are always preferred as it helps with the mobile devices. Better user experience can be ensured with the responsive WordPress theme.

Schema Markups: Through schema markups, Google can be directed to the most important content within your theme.

SEO Benefits:

Website page is increased
More Number of pages may be indexed

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