New things on the platform of Ecommerce

Design for Ecommerce is generally simple and straight-forward. By building an online front of your store, you may like to showcase products and services to the customers. In this way, you may able to offer a quick purchase mode to the customer that enables them to obtain products and services without any hassle.

In the year 2021, some changes are expected to be seen in the ecommerce platforms. Therefore, web designer must update themselves about it also. In this way, it may become possible to keep up with the marketing and sales trend also.

Use a color palette that is calmer

Calmer color palette may not be tried by the giants of ecommerce. However, it is definitely a good option for relatively smaller companies. On the occasion, consumer may not be feeling the pressure on how much money they have been spending. They may not be rushed for a purchase also. It is better to use earthy tones or pastel hues to offer a sense of calm. In this way, the customer may be put into ease also.

Rewards for No-Rush Shipping

For fast and free shipping, it is quite natural to see excitement and craze among the consumers. In the year 2020, increase in the online shopping has been noticed. Therefore, ecommerce service provider and their delivery partners have been experiencing some difficulty to deliver the product on time.

In case of a late delivery, a customer may write a bad review on the social media. Complaints about the brands may be done on the occasion too. Some of the ecommerce sites have not been offering notification about these delays ahead of time even. Due to these issues, new trend has been emerging in the ecommerce arena which is no rush shipping. Reward is offered for choosing this method of shipping also. Amazon is also encouraging its customer to use this shipping method.

Expectation of the customer is generally set with the process prior to the completion of purchase. Everything is slowed down for the delivery partners to cope up with the situation.

Emphatic and Human Assistance

Every year, trend of utilizing more AI is observed when it comes to web designing. It is a trend that is definitely true for personalized recommendations and search bar. However, some restraint can be seen with the assistance and automated support for the customers. Some time advice may be offered from the experts during the process of purchase if a customer wants. Following to a quick survey, they may able to get some options. Later on, decision may be taken based on their own comfort level.

Instead of depending on the chat bots, more importance is given on the human touch to connect with the customers. Virtual try option is offered also for personalization.

Trend of ecommerce is evolving constantly. It happens due to introduction of new technology especially. Based on the expectation of the consumer, change must be brought to the ecommerce site.

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