Let’s use Inclusive Web Design and deliver a successful website

One of the main reasons to design a website is to make it available for the end users. It should be a website that can be accessed by everyone. In case, it is discover the fact that 1 billion have not managed to access your website then it is certainly a great loss for you. On the occasion, user may have clicked on your link and entered the website. However, they may not able to know clearly what is being sold by the website. In addition, customer may not able to navigate through the checkout page.
In the world, there are about 1 billion disable people which make the 15% of total world population. Most of the designers may overlook the issue while creating a website. On the occasion, the client must explicitly mention that they are looking for a website or app supporting the disable also. Designers may not able to engage disable people if they do not take apt measure on the occasion.
Learning the inclusive web designing concept, web designers may able to offer better result to their customer. In this way, more positive reviews can be earned from the customers also.

Website Accessibility

Inclusivity is related to the behaviors and activities that give power to the marginalized people within the society. Due to use inclusive web design, content can be accessed by almost everyone even if they are dealing with a physical or mental issue. In case of tradition website, freedom of accessing the website is not enjoyed by all the people. By tweaking UI of the website, it can be made more accessible. In this way, the site may become more approachable even for the people with some limitation.
Due to following reasons, a barrier can be seen between the end user and the website or app. It can be auditory issue, cognitive issue, physical issue, neurological issue, physical issue, visual issue and speech problem.

Create a clear layout

Clarity must be given lot of importance while creating a website design. On the occasion, goal may or may not be designing an inclusive website. However, it is always better to offer straightforward and simple experience. Messy designs may not be liked by the users. If there are too many navigation signs then it may be rejected also. Buttons and links must be legible whether it is seen on the laptops, desktops or mobile phone screens. In this way, the link and buttons can be clicked by the user easily also.
During the time of creating a website, designers must ask themselves whether an element is placed to make the life easy for the customer from different background or not.

Simple Language

Visual elements must be easy and simple to understand. Using simple terms instead of heavy jargons, lot of issues can be solved. On the occasion, you must be aware about the typography too. In addition, things like apt color and contrast must be remembered also. Through bold font and underlining a word, contrast can be brought to the webpage. Line spacing must be minimum 1.5x. It is better to describe abbreviation beforehand. Structure of the content should be proper with clear heading.

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