Landing Page Elements That Helps to Convert

For an excellent marketing campaign, landing page definitely plays an important role. Particular customers can be targeted here with a solution to their problems. Confusion may be seen with the notion of landing page as the customer can land on different pages of a website. Here, we have been talking about a page that is dedicated completely to the customer. If unique landing page can be created each time for a customer then it will be great.

Most of the people may think that home page is actually a landing page. However, it may not be true always as user can reach a landing page in various ways such as organic search and backlink. Usually, a landing page is usually dedicated to a special marketing plan. It can be accessed through social media, email and PPC advertisement.

Here are some landing page elements that may help to convert

1. Single CTA Button for Use

Potential customer must be made aware how to go forward with a service or product as soon as possible. Is it possible to sign up for free? Do they have to sign up for a newsletter? Is customer buying products? It is important to tell them everything that they may like to know. Information must be delivered as clearly as possible.

According to the Hick-Hyman Law of UX, more choices can confuse the customer and they may not choose a product at all. Fewer choices can ensure a purchase. One choice should be given to the customer only. Using a single CTA button, multiple options can be outperformed.

2. Maintain a simple form

Information of potential customer may be inquired when they come to the landing page. On the occasion, an account may be created as a trial or newsletter services may be availed too.

In case the potential customer is setting up an account then email address can be asked quite naturally. However, mobile phone number or address may not be needed. Purpose may be different on the occasion. Goal is to stay simple always. If customer wants then some of the fields can be filled later on also. It is better to wait for them to come on board completely. Customers should not be asked everything as soon as they land on the page.

3. Have a punchy headline

One of the first things that a customer may see on your landing page is the headings. So, it should be good enough to attract them.

Headlines must be short. In this way, customer may read the heading even before they may realize about it. However, it should be clarified further with more information. To grab the interest, a sub heading can be added too

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