Improving Local SEO for Business

For smaller businesses especially, importance of local SEO cannot be ignored. It is a great option for the regional businesses in comparison to the national businesses. Search ranking is much more essential for the national businesses. However, local SEO enables you to appear on the search engine result page for a specific location. Products and services can be marketed to the local customers and leads easily in the process.

Through local SEO optimization, you may able to get more traffic on your website. Leads and conversions can be enhanced at the same time. It is a focus based strategy to target the local customers easily. In this way, you can compete with the larger national brands also that have more resources than you.

Generally, 35% of the search traffic is local according to the statistics. If you do not incorporate local SEO strategies through your website then you may loss some traffic and potential customers as well.

Here are the ways to include local SEO

1. Google My Business Account Creation

Google Listing can be optimized to ensure optimum benefit. It can also help you to acquire better rank within the Google Maps. More visibility can be achieved by the brand too. For Business Profile Optimization, you may feel the need of a Google My Business account. By providing all the information through the dashboard for the account, you must add necessary information on your business profile also.

Following to the creation of My Business account, ownership must be verified. Proper and updated information must be provided on the occasion. In addition to the logo, office hours, location, payment method, products and services along with the images must be offered. Customer can be asked to review your product or service. Response must be given to customer’s reviews. Post must be published through your business profile while using the My Business dashboard.

2. Obtain reviews from the satisfied customers

Glowing review from a customer can help you to optimize your business. In this way, local customers can be encouraged also to buy products from your brand. Online reviews are believed by 85% of the customers as much as the personal recommendation.

Here are ways to encourage your customers

• Closing a sale, you can ask for a review from the customer
• Text or mail can be sent to the customer post purchase with the request of a review
• Existing reviews must be responded in a professional manner. Reviewer must be thanked always. If there is complain then it must be answered properly also.

3. Voice Search Optimization

Popularity of voice search is increasing. Therefore, you must optimize according to the questions that are generally asked by the customer during search. On the occasion, you must give importance on the fact how a person speaks instead how it is typed. For voice search, mostly long tailed keywords are used. Therefore, you may have to keep your content in a conversational tone also

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