Improving confidence of the customer through UX

For building great relationship with the customer, business mostly relies over the designer. Some of the consumer still judges a business based on the website. Therefore, it is important to have an amazing website that instills confidence among the customer. Both trust and transparency are important building blocks of a relationship. If a business does not able to manage both the aspects then target audience may lose confidence.
Designers have to find a way to convince the audience and transformed them into a customer who is willing to pay money for a product or service. It is essential to increase the conversion too. Customer should feel confident about the website.
Here’s how following thing may create an impact on the confidence

Effect of transparency on confidence

Through a survey, it has been found that 94% of the consumers are willing to be loyal to a transparent brand. Customer always looks for a reliable and honest company. Similarly, transparency is demanded from UX also. For a company, it is not possible to share vital information with the customer. However, it is possible to showcase confidence by using design knowledge.
Here are some strategies that can tried for building confidence

Develop an attractive ‘About’ page

Primarily, business has to be honest in order to make the customers happy. It is better to create a page where product nature can be highlighted. Everything about the business that is needed to be known by the customer is explained through the website.
Importance should be given on the footer also as customer can know about the terms & conditions, FAQ and other things from here. Most common queries from the customers can be answered in the process
Brand can be given a human face. In this way, a lasting connection can be developed. Therefore, designer should always use real photos instead of stock images. Unique features of the company must be highlighted always with the about us page.
Staff members must be introduced with the page. Personality of the website can be created with the process.

Create a space for testimonial

Consumer list must be listed in the website to gain trust. It may also establish the fact that your company is reputable one. Reviews and testimonials from people can be included within the website to gain instant confidence. Different formats can be used to earn social proof.
If the customer does not leave any comment then they can be asked for a quote. By adding picture and name to the testimonial, you can gain trust too.
Security feature
Both the safety and security feature of the company must be highlighted. SSL certificate can be installed to ensure that the website is safe for use.

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