Importance of Traffic Sources and UTMs set up

Diverse ways can be found to generate traffic for your website. Increase in the number of sources can be noticed with each passing day. Therefore, lots of people are engrossed in locating new ways to generate traffic. However, they may not investigate about these traffic sources in details. Mistakes may be made as a result. Through close look on the traffic sources, it may not be enough to acquire knowledge on its various aspects.

Knowledge of UTMs plays a major role to obtain traffic insight. Through anagram of the word Urchin Tracking Modules, the name has been acquired. It usually delivers tons of information to Google Analytics.

So, now the question is how to quantify traffic source and can UTMs help with the client’s business? Is it possible to deliver results with client’s campaign in this way? Let’s look at the details of measuring traffic sources and set up of UTMs now.

Get Information from the data

For the traffic and its analytics, you can depend on the tracking platforms. However, accurate insight can be obtained through a credible tracking platform only. In addition to the traffic sources, you may able to know about keyword volume, viewed number of pages and countries that is offering you maximum amount of traffic. These types of data help majorly during creation of SEO campaign for the website. On site experience of valuable manner can be offered to the customers.

Through analytics, conversion rates can be measured also. Understanding about the customer’s journey, solutions can be offered at the time. Better optimization can be provided. Drawbacks can be identified at the same time as well. Desired action from the customers can be ensured.

For solid marketing, actionable data is necessary. Platforms like Google Analytics support the business through actionable data. It is a cost effective resource also.

Know your customers

Through website, valuable insight about the customers can be acquired. It may be possible to know what a customer is doing after coming to your website. Knowledge behind their conversion can be acquired to some extent as well. If you know about the requirement of the customers then it may pay you dividend later on. Both the services and products can be improved as a result. Potential customers can be attracted as well. Target audience can be defined based on the income, interests and location.

Geographical location of the customers can be known easily through analytics. It may give you an idea on where to target with your services and products.

Rectify your errors

Tracking the traffic, you can easily identify an error on-site such as duplicate tags, duplicate URLs, incorrect URKs and web spam. Due to these issues, traffic is often undermined. Site performance may be affected as well. It is always better to keep an eye on the fluctuation of traffic. In case you notice that there is sudden drop in traffic then you can certainly look for the reason behind it immediately. Several analytics platform often provide notification through dashboard in case there is an issue

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