How to use UX Writing for improving website designing

For a UX writer, it is important to know about the proper method of creating a web copy that can easily convince the reader to take a desirable action. In spite of writing an engaging story, it may not create an impact on the mind of the readers if it looks terrible on the webpage. Readers may not wish to interact with the webpage as a result.

However, one thing you must remember that UX writers are not eligible to design a page. If a writer manages to deliver their message successfully and produce jargon free copy to reach more number of people even then it may not be useful with poor designs. Web designers are capable of developing a website that ensures engagement as well as conversion. Visual piece must be created in the process that has good quality content also.

Be precise with the colour

Through use of colour, beautiful website can be created. However, it is better not to play with the colours too much when it comes to typography. By keeping lot of open spaces within the website, you can easily draw attention of the readers. For the logo, you can use red font. However, it is better to go with the black & white with the copy. In this way, beautifully structured webpage can be created that is easy to read at the same time.

In case, a font is too thin or thick then it may not look good. For a hyperlink text, it is better not to use a colour that is too close to the background. Web designer may like to go with the brand colour. However, it is necessary to maintain a balance with the colour also.

Maintaining Symmetry

Symmetry is not necessary for copywriting. Paragraph and lines may go on till the point that you want it to be. However, requirement of symmetry may be seen in some cases. Most of the writers may not be mindful about it. Some of the designers are also afraid to work on it as well.

In order to ensure success with the webpage, you can use element with multiple columns along with the graphics. On the occasion, you can include sub-headers, header text, illustrations, CTAs and explainer text.

Paragraph Break-up

Paragraph may not be longer than five lines generally. In case of a longer paragraph, reader may lose their focus. Similar things can be noticed also if there is too much paragraph in the blog post. It is always important to give some break. Monotony within the paragraph can be broken in the process as well.

Header Tags and Space Consciousness

Header tag is necessary for each and every webpage. Topic hierarchy can be created with this process. Pages can be scanned in better fashion by the readers. Header tag is also important for ensuring rank within the search engine result page. Google bots usually run through the header tag to decide about the rank.

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