How to make your webpage more scannable?

As a commodity, time is really valuable in this information age. It is a thing that people does not want to waste at all. Most of the visitors only read 20% of the content. Some things may be indicated to the web developers and designers on the occasion. It is better to create a webpage that is engaging. Critical information must be highlighted on the page properly as well. In addition, modern designer should create a webpage that is good enough for the fast paced customers.

To make a webpage more scannable, web designer should ensure that the customer can get a convenient and quick experience. Customer should able to access the information quickly that they are looking for.

So, how scannability can be embraced by the web designers?

Scannable Designs

Concept of scannable website creation may seem a little strange. Most of the designer creates a website page in a way that make customer stay for a longer amount of time. Therefore, it may not seen right to let the customer skip a webpage in between pages quickly. However, scannability of the webpage should not focus only on the delivery of information. If a webpage is easier to scan then the customer may slide to the purchase funnel quickly also. By making the journey of the customer quick and convenient, user experience can be made stronger. As a result, more conversion can be ensured too.

Scannable designs mean that you may able to know about the website through a simple glance. Information can be accessed instantly. Next step must be taken regarding purchase quickly too. There will be no need to scroll through the pages in order to know what to do next. People usually look for a specific thing in every page. Content may not be read word by word on the occasion. Scanning the page, required information can be collection.

Using Visual Hierarchy

Method of organizing content on the webpage is also referred as visual hierarchy. It is generally done based on the perception of the customers. Landing on a blog page, you may observe the heading first. Later on, your eyes may go to the information that has been provided by the writer. Some essential information may be furnished through the body of the content also.

Designer may try to surprise the customer with a fresh visual strategy. In this way, the content can be made more scannable also. End user may able to get what they are looking for precisely.

If you are not sure about the look of the webpage then it is better check out the competitor’s webpage.

According to the rules of visual hierarchy, navigation button must be placed on the top of the webpage. There will not be any need to look through the page in order to go to the next one.

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