How to include Local SEO and attract more business

Local SEO is pretty different from organic search engine optimization. It is essential for a business to stay relevant to the customer. Physical proximity may play an important role on the occasion. Due to local presence, you may like to make the most of it.

Here are some ways to attract more business

1. Look at the Google My Business Q&A s of the competitor

Through use of Google My Business, wonders can be done for a business. It is possible to increase number of client with the process too. Customers sitting on the fence can be turned into a loyal one. In addition, some research on the competitors must be done also. In this way, you may able to know what things customers have been looking for are.

How Q&A of Google My Business Work

In the profile of Google My Business, you may able to come across a button ‘Ask a Question’. By clicking on the button, customers may be lead to a page where they are allowed to ask a question.

Next step is more important on the occasion. Questions are not directed towards the profile owner. It is submitted to the profile only. Therefore, it can be seen by anyone.

If a question is submitted to your competitor’s account then you may able to see also. Posting a reply to the question, it is going to be made available for the future to witness

How a Business can be helped?

Through the questions, new business can be encouraged. On the occasion, questions may be asked by a person that may not have visited your website. However, these customers are your target market. Here, the customers may be engaging with brand. Customer may require some more information from the brand as an encouragement to visit the site.

Own Listing

By taking advantage of the GMB profile, you can interact with a potential customer who may be placed far down within the conversion tunnel.

If a customer is asking lots of questions then it may be a good sign. On the occasion, thoughtful response must be given. In this way, customer may enter within your territory.

Competitor’s listing

Looking at the questions that are being asked by the competitor’s customer, you may become better equipped with the information which is needed to deliver. On the occasion, you can give out the answer to these questions beforehand. In this way, you may able to stay ahead of your customer.

1. Tweaking Google Product Listing for more exposure

In GMB profile, you can also add details of your product and it can be seen easily by a potential customer. It can be noticed through both desktop and mobile search. Listing generally appears in a carousel format within the Product Tab search. To know more details, Product Tab must be clicked on the occasion.

How does product listing works

Product can be uploaded within the GMB easily. By simply logging into the account, few steps must be followed to add a product. By clicking on the listing within the SERP, product can be added too. Later, Google is going to display these products.

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