How to include Emotion through your Web Design

Human beings are considered to be rational creatures as we take decisions on the basis of logic and facts. However, it may not be completely true. We are definitely guided by rationality mostly. Still, we are very emotional as a people at the same time. Feelings can play a role on the way we make decisions as well. So, how a web designer can maintain a balance between facts and emotions through the website?

Designing a website that is logical and functional is essential. However, web designers must not ignore the emotional impact on the people while building a website. If a website does not influence the people emotionally then it may seem boring and forgettable. Therefore, emotions must be infused through designs. Here are some easy ways to do so.

What is there to understand?

In the beginning, web designer must understand how emotion creates an impact on the decision. Through use of aesthetic, it may be possible to reach the customer emotionally. Customer must feel good while looking at the website. Depending on the nature of the website, importance is generally given towards generation of positive emotion. Trust is an important faction on the occasion also.

1. Include visual elements to generate emotion

Visual elements are the best way to generate emotion among the customers. Feelings can be drawn through the drawings most effectively. Through use of animation, emotional connection can be developed between customer and brand. It is important to make the customer understand how your products work. By adding pictures of your employees and workspace, an affinity can be built up also.

In addition to the animation, color can be utilized as visual trigger as well. Through inclusion of colors like blue and green, a sense of calm and comfort can be offered. Red and yellow is generally added for generate an emotion of happiness and enthusiasm.

2. Interaction that is Engaging and Emotional

Customer’s interactions with the website must embed some emotional aspect. Straightforward and simple approach can be a base of good interaction with a website of an app. Customer must feel confident and comfortable in order to take next step without any hesitation. Emotional response can be guided with the process too.

In the beginning, website must not give out all the details. Provision such as sign up must be present to deepen the label of interaction and engage the customer further with the website also. More information on the service can be offered once the customer signs up. Some free features can be provided too. Mind of the customer must be put at ease. It must be assured that they are at a perfect place. If a customer continues to interact with the website then emotional engagement level may enhance gradually.

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