How to design website for seniors

Population of senior is increasing all over the world. In the US alone, 20.6% of their population may be over 65 years by the year 2030. People have been living more due to advances of medical sciences. Seniors have been maintaining an active life also. Previously, they have been little wary of online services. However, they are using the internet now. Through a research earlier, it has been found that 73% of these people have been connecting to the web regularly. So, the web designers must think about these seniors and make the website suitable for them also.

User experience must be thought of with different perspective while creating a website for the seniors. It is better not to think that all the users are not iPhone millenials. Instead, web designers must start to think about the seniors as potential users also. By opening a website to the seniors, more potential visitors can be ensured.

According to the data, seniors have more wealth than other age group. Therefore, it is important to cater a website to them. So, how can you create UX for seniors?

Web Design That is Senior Friendly

Focus on the ability must be kept while designing a website for the seniors. People may not age in similar manner. Therefore, a person in his 70’s may not find any difficulty to browse through Netflix. However, there are people who may not understand the meaning of streaming even.

Instead of thinking about their age, web designers must keep an eye on their requirements such as controlling the movement, vision, hearing and bias on devices.

Add Proper Visual Elements

Loss of vision is one of the prime disabilities among the elderly people. Some kind of visual impairment can be observed in one person among six above the age of 70. Therefore, UI designers must think minutely about the accessibility of visuals for the creation of an effective website.

Both the button and text size must be large enough. As a result, seniors may able to read or click on them easily. Information must be comprehended perfectly. It is better to label the icons if it is possible. Start and Submit button must be understood from a distance.

Contrast and color guidelines must be followed also to create optimal visibility. Gradient or pastel effect can be created with the colors that are too close to each other. However, it may not be easy to read on the occasion.

Give Importance to Usability

Coordination and motor skills may reduce gradually. As a result, elderly people may not be able to deal with the complex UI. Issues can be noticed with mouse in computer or touch screen of mobile phones. During creation of UI for seniors, it is important to see how they can click on things easily.

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