How to choose the right keywords?

Keywords are great resource to start a blog post or a website. Through use of keyword, it is possible to find a scalable method that can be upgraded or downgraded based on your requirement, budget and limitation. To find a perfect keyword, it may take four hours or twenty hours. On the occasion, you may be spending over $ 250 for a tool or not a penny at all.
To find the keyword, lot of experiment and research must be done. Everything should be done in details in case you like to become skilled in this craft. Here are some quick ways to locate the best keywords for SEO of your website.

Never begin with the keywords

Even before you start to think about keywords from the stand point of SEO or marketing, you need to be human. In the beginning, you must try to know about your customer as much as possible. Understanding about the customer and having empathy towards them may able to help you go a long way. Perspective of the customer can be known in the process too.

Create a list of seed keyword

Post gaining knowledge about the customer and understanding where requirement of the customers and your business solutions intersect, you can start to brainstorm about the possible keywords for your business. Initial list of keywords must be developed based upon it. Keywords or phrases must describe core offering of your business properly.

Collect data about the current keyword on your website

Make a general list of the keywords that are already being used by the website. Traffic of the website is driven to some extent through use of the keywords. Following tools for keyword ranking can help you on the occasion. They are Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush and Moz Keyword Explorer.

Expand keyword list using different tools

Step by step, the list of keyword must be expanded. On the occasion, you can look for a new group of keywords. Common modifiers, synonyms and permutation with long phrases may help on the occasion too. In addition to the tools that have been listed above, you can also use the following tools to expand the list further.
Answer The Public
KW Finder

Group terms based on search intent

Categorization of the keywords must be done in a simple manner. It might be useful for others also. Grouping of the keywords can be made on the basis audience type, phrase funnel, topic or any other category.

Mapping keywords

For each page, 1 to 4 primary keywords must be targeted. On the occasion, you must also look at the keyword relevance, difficulty and search volume. Following to the primary keywords, you must try to locate long tail keywords or semantic related keyword to support the primary keywords.

Repeat the steps again

Post implementation of keyword strategy, Google may take some time to crawl over the site and rank it. Now, you may have already collected enough data about what driving traffic of your website. Therefore, everything must be repeated again. Optimization of the website must be done in regular interval to reap benefit.

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