How to avoid drawbacks of user generated content

If content is submitted by customers, consumers, visitors and clients then it can be considered as a user generated content. Different forms of user generated content can be observed such as embedded tweets, reviews and open submissions.

Lots of benefits can be obtained with the user generated content. It can help to increase user engagement. It also adds to the authenticity and share ability of content also. However, there are some disadvantages also. On the occasion, you may get some average content. In order to create a community, user generated content is a must. Still, you must know how to avoid the drawbacks of user generated content skillfully. Strategies must be incorporated and contingency must be placed also. As a result, you may able to drive engagement for your website effectively.

Drawbacks of user generated content and solutions


During generating content, user may not follow all the rules that are mentioned by the website. However, they usually like to upload whatever they want. It can be offensive or inappropriate. Sometime irrelevant content is uploaded also.


Structure of the website must be made in a way that allows you to moderate the content. Reviews or comments must pass through a screening process before it is posted on the website for a read by other customer. Based on the accumulated content, screening process may take about couple of days. In this way, it becomes possible to make sure that the content is not offensive, meaningless or random.

Content can be reported by the users also. It is a kind of process that is followed by social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. On the occasion, content can be seen almost immediately. It is made available for other users also. However, unwanted content can be posted in the process too.

Content used for personal gain

Popularity of the website can be enhanced through the user generated content. Share count may be improved with the process too. Several benefits can be seen. Therefore, some user may want to take advantage of it for personal gain also. Competitors may promote their own product through your site. Posing as a random customer, it is mostly done.


Once again, careful moderation can help you on this front. Instead of eliminating just inappropriate content, you must try to find out the context of the content as well. It is important to decide whether the content is written for their gain or your. Some code must be added to make link submitted by the user a ‘no follow’ link. It is essential to check the links. Scripts can be built that helps to find keywords and blocks them. Certain comments can be flagged also. It is an effective way to filter spam content and locate the genuine ones.

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