How the brand can use Instagram Live

In March, 2020 Instagram Live has really succeed. It has been a feature that is almost forgotten by the users. However, content creators, influencers, A-listers, non-profit organizations, brands and even common people have started to use it on regular basis. Major changes have been seen all over the world on how content is consumed. Global pandemic has definitely played a major part on the occasion.

It has been observed that 82% of the people like to see brand in a live session instead of a simple feed post. During the pandemic, meaningful ways are searched to connect with each other. Video is certainly one of the most popular ways of communication.

Due to resurgence of Instagram Live, connecting with the brands and influencers has become possible in real time. As far as perspective of the brand is concerned, it is definitely great.

Here are some ways to connect through Instagram Live by the Brand

1. Q & A session with the brand leadership team

Going live for an Instagram session, leadership team that includes founders and departmental heads can take question from the people and give reply to it. In this way, transparency can be maintained. It can be like a fireside chat live version.

One of the benefits of live session is interaction with the followers. From the side of viewers, questions can be asked. Real time comment can be acquired also. For both B2B and B2C brands, it is a great way to communicate. In case of a software brand, it is better to go for a live session for a launch.

2. Product Launch on Instagram Live

If a brand is releasing a new product or service then hype can be created with the Instagram Live. Clients can be invited for the live session in order to showcase the product in details. Demo of the product can be offered. In addition, you can discuss about the building process. It feels great to connect with the clients through a platform that is not email.

On the occasion “Ask Me Anything” session can be organized with the CEO also. It is an excellent content that can be utilized later for IGTV also. Instagram Live can be an hour long. However, it is better for a session between 20 and 40 minutes. Most of the live sessions are usually concluded within 30 minutes.

3. Collaboration with an expert

Great job is being done by Airbnb when it comes to Instagram Live Strategy. During the pandemic, it has taken the experience of the business on virtual platform. Travel Company has enhanced their experience business as they have decided to go virtual. People are brought in from all over the world in this way despite quarantine.

Coming to Instagram Live, they have arranged a virtual tour with the host to show everything clearly.

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