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Update has been made by Google on how search works within the website. In this way, you may able to know the process of Google organization, search result testing and ranking.
Launching a website in 2016, it has been explained how search engine works in a manner that people without much knowledge about SEO can understand it also. It can be looked as an ideal resource for the client that does know very little about the search. For an expert, it may be a mere basic knowledge.

However, one of the things to watch out for is the search changes annual updates. Every year, the site gives updates on how search works. Latest data from Google’s evaluation and test regarding the search is presented as well.
Right now, data on 2020 can be seen on the site. If you have already checked out the inner workings of search before then you must see it now to note down on what has really change from the last time.

What’s New?

Google has announced the fact that they have launched fully-redesigned website of How Search Work and it is definitely true.
Spending some time with the website and comparing both the old and the new ones through a cache version, some new insight about the new website can be found.
As far as content is concerned, it has been edited and also tweaked. However, there is not anything new to learn. In the updated site, you can find the same information. It has been presented in a slightly different way. Due to these changes in presentation, usability of the website has definitely improved.
In case of the new site, you may not have to click lesser times in order to get the information that you have been looking for.

For old website: Being a visitor of the site, you may like to click each one of them to learnabout it. Hitting the back button of the browser, you have to click another button to gather knowledge about the highlighted topics.

For new website: Now, you can consume the content seamlessly. By simply scrolling down the page,you can all the information. Clicking is not necessary.
New information cannot be found in the updated site. However, information present in the website is really sufficient.

Post about the redesigning has been announced by Danny Sullivan from Google on Twitter.So, it may feel like a major change.
If you think that there is lot of thing new in the site then it may not be true. It is a kind of update that may not come into purview without an announcement from Google.

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