How much time does it take to get a re-rank with a website post fixing issues?

John Mueller from Google has answered how much time it may be required for a re-crawl from the search engine following to the significant improvement on the page quality.
During Google SEO Hours Hangout Mueller has been asked about stability of the ranking within the Google search engine result page. On the occasion, it has been also said that ranking of a website from page one to page four have been fluctuating constantly.
Replying to the question, Mueller has said that page ranking can fluctuate due to quality issues and it should be improved. Later on, it has been also asked if there are major changes with the website then how long Google may take to re-rank it.
On the occasion, Mueller has said “How long that takes… yeah… it’s hard to say…it’s really hard to say…”
Later on, Mueller has talked about few scenarios also on how major changes made by the website has been taken into consideration by Google.
In the beginning, Mueller has highlighted the first step as far as crawling of the content is concerned and how long it may take.
Mueller has said “It’s like, on the one hand, we have to re-crawl the content… like if you make significant changes on your website we have to re-crawl that.
And to re-crawl that across a larger site that can take a bit of time, especially if you make bigger changes like across everything if you change the structure of your website.
I would assume something like that, just purely from a technical point of view would take… I don’t know… maybe a month.”
Later on, Mueller has added “And for understanding the quality changes overall, I would see that as something where it probably takes a few months on our side to actually understand that this website has significantly changed.
So not something that you can fix in a week. It’s probably more like… I don’t know… three, four months, something like that, if you make significant quality changes”

To solve quality issues, months may be required

Improving rank a website is not an easy job at all. It is usually consisted of two steps. Lot of time may be required for this also.
First step is crawling of the website. For this step, months may be taken by Google on an updated site. Now, the second step is to understand the website properly. The process may take more than a month. It may take around four months to fully understand a website and its pages.
Particular date has not been affirmed by Mueller on the occasion on the time to understand a website and re-rank after it has gone through a significant update. Mueller has given a generalized answer on a hypothetical website.
However, the answer from Mueller is definitely useful to understand what is happening at the Google’s end. In this way, a website owner may able to guess how long he has to wait to see result with an updated website.

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