How Google is selecting the best anchor text

Recently, John Mueller from Google has given answers regarding the best anchor text as well as inbound and outbound links.

Best Practices of Anchor Text

Through the term ‘anchor text’, text within a link is generally referred. It can be like ‘personal injury lawyer’ or ‘personal injury lawyer Los Angeles’.
Google algorithm for page ranking uses this anchor text to know more about the page. In 1988, the method of using anchor text for page ranking is discovered by the Google founders. It seems that use of anchor helps to improve the page rank. However, the algorithm has been altered later on in order to stop the abusing of the method by the publishers. Still, it is relevant and kept in the mind by the digital marketers.
Now, it is important to know about the best anchor text for your product or service.
On the occasion, experts may advise you to use website name, LSI keywords, exact match keyword or title of the blog post as the anchor text.

LSI keywords may not be that important

Some SEO professional may think that LSI keywords are misguiding. However, it may not be true.
On this matter, John Mueller has said “Um… First of all, we have no concept of LSI keywords. So that’s something you can completely ignore.
I think it’s interesting to look at LSI when you’re thinking about understanding information retrieval as a theoretical or computer science topic.
But as an SEO you probably don’t need to worry about that.”

Best Anchor Text to use for internal links

If a link is used to connect one page of a website to another page of the same website then it is considered as an internal link. Here, another article from the same site with more details can be linked. It is also a type of internal link.
Through use of internal links, more articles can be discovered from the website that is written in the same context.

Recommendation by John Mueller regarding internal link anchor text

“With regards to internal links you’re giving us a signal of context. So basically you’re saying, in this part of my website you’ll find information about this topic.
And that’s what you would use as the anchor text for those internal links.
So that’s something where on the one hand usually that’s something that you want to kind of give that context to users as well.
The kind of internal links that you would use for users usually match what you would use for SEO as well.
That’s something where luckily there’s a nice overlap there.”

Best Anchor Text to use for external links

If an anchor text is used to link from a website to another then it is referred as external link. On this issue John Mueller has said, “With regards to external links, if you’re linking out to other people’s websites, the same things. Like, supply some context why people should go and click on this link, what kind of extra information it gives.””

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