How can you tell your story through brand design

For a successful rebranding, you may need to do much more than incorporating high resolution pictures and flashy graphics. Products are positioned in a perfect way to tell the story of your brand. It also ensures that desire of the customer has been met.

By looking at the visual elements, you must try to enforce your brand mission. If you manage to engage the customer with the brand then incredible results can be obtained. Sleek and revolutionary designs can be incorporated on the occasion. Instead of a cluttered and disorganized website which may give the customer a mixed message, you need to create a website that is attractive and useful. In addition, message from the brand must be delivered adequately also. Through a bright and colorful website, it may not be ideal to offer a premium product. Bright website may not be a bad choice at all. However, millennial customers may expect a website that is different from others in feel and look.

Reflecting quality of the brand and its functionality, it also manages to deliver key messaging and core value aptly. Prospective customers are generally targeted in the process. Brand identity and brand strategy help in the growth of the company definitely.


Based on the nature of the company, decision on the logo is taken. Strong foundation of the company can be suggested through a hidden triangle within the logo. In case of a food based service, the chain can be indicated through use of a pyramid. Some unique attributes must be added to the logo also. In this way, it may look more exclusive. Through an iconic logo, you may able to create a mark for your brand.


Similar to the logos, icons are also hand drawn. Minimal visual design must be adopted for the creation of icons that has some elegance at the same time. Brand mark is created with the process too. Design must be futuristic and also approachable. Premium look can be offered with clean lines. Rebranding of the company can be ensured with this process too.


Inspiration for the color can be taken from the nature if it is an environment friendly brand. Primary colors such as black and white can be utilized also. It is also possible to use earthy tones in contrast with the bright colors. Instead of pure black or pure white, you can also incorporate off white or off black.

In addition to the primary colors, secondary color palette can be utilized also. However, secondary color palette must be utilized sparingly to add some playfulness to the website.


If you use a consistent typography then it can become a signature for the brand also. Primary typeface such as Rubik can be selected on the occasion. For a secondary typeface, you can go with Source Serif. Through the typeface, a class can be added to the brand as well.

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