How can you speed up your website with use of mobile first design?

More than 3.5 billion people have been using smart phones all over the world. In the last one year, an increase of 9.3% has been observed. People are connected with their mobile phones constantly. Therefore, website designers and developers have been trying to create a site that is more interactive and engaging. Browsing is mostly done with the smartphones now instead of desktops or laptops. By taking a step further, mobile first design strategy can be utilized while creating a website. Optimization of the website must be done based on the mobile phones. However, change in standards can be seen quite often. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the mobile friendly aspect of a website has been prioritized. In addition, web designers must keep an eye on the speed of loading the site also.

Know about Mobile-First Design

Principles of web designing and web development must be updated before understanding the mobile first design concept. Over the years, it has changed quite naturally. Responsive designing helps to create a website that can easily adjust according to the size of the mobile screen. User experience is the prime focus on the occasion.

Choose Right Tools

For a web designer and developer, it is necessary to have a good tool kit. Solutions are available in the market that enables professional to master skills to offer best user experience for the mobile user.

Through Bootstrap, a solution can be offered where one size can be fitted into everything with ease. Default system enables to use different components along with the grid system. Plug-in of JavaScript can be utilized too.

Content can be minimized or prioritized with assistance from right tool also. In this way, speed of the website can be boosted. Same time, clarity is ensured also.

Prioritization of mobile-first components

Following to the choice of right tool for mobile friendly website, importance must be given on the ground up. Instead of going with latest trends in design, it is better to start with basic. Through the hamburger button, menu is generally hidden for a mobile first website. However, concepts can be upgraded a little bit further also.

Still, the website must be kept simple. Customer should not fell restricted in any way as they visit your website through their mobile phones. Interactive elements of the website must be small. However, it must be found easily at the same time.

CTAs and button must be tappable. It is better to use a font that can be read easily. Navigation system should be simple. The speed of the website must not slow down by the navigation in any way. Clickable elements should come in a minimum 48 megapixel in height.

Responsible Imagery

For any website, images play an important role. Both context and appeal can be added to the website with the help of these imageries. However, it can also decrease speed. Therefore, images must be utilized consciously.

Different devices come with diverse requirement as far as images are concerned. Instead of using same version of an image, different SVGs can be utilized for desktops and mobiles.

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