How can you optimize your website with the use of keywords?

Similar to the choice of a right keyword, it is also important to optimize the website with the help of keyword. On the occasion, you can follow few tips to ensure good results.

Where Should You add Keyword in your Webpage

Static content: Dynamic content is crawled in better manner by the search engine now. Through use of static content, indexing of the webpage is guaranteed.

URLs: Change in the URL is rarely seen. In addition, the URL is highly visible also. Entire page is generally described with the process. Therefore, URL is valued by Google on what it has been saying.

Meta Description Tags: Ranking may not be influenced by the meta description tags in Google. However, they can certainly improve your CTR.

Title Tags: Both click-through-rate and rankings are often influenced by the title tags. Effective use of keywords can help in the both cases.

Surrounding content and internal links: By using the keyword in the anchor text that is directed to your webpage, Google may able to know more about the page. In addition, content close to the anchor text is also important. To some extent, it is utilized to showcase the destination page.

Visible Content: Understanding the content is one of responsibilities of Google. Through H1 tag that is placed at the page top, more visitors can be attracted in comparison to the boilerplate content that is placed at the bottom. Heading tags, top body copy and bolded phrase can be used as the most visible content within the webpage that can affect the SEO hugely.

Schema markup: Both content and context can be added through schema. If possible then keyword must be marked with proper schema properties. In this way, guess work from Google can be avoided.

Video and Image File Names: For images and videos, relevant descriptive name must be used with the keyword instead of some random name.

Image title attributes: Image titles may not be given too much importance by the browser. However, it is better to include the keyword gracefully if it is possible.

Image alt attributes: Through use of alt tags, site can be made more inclusive for the visually impaired users. In addition, Google may able to get some idea about the picture as well. It is better to incorporate keywords if it is appropriate.

Video Close Captioning: Some relevant keywords can be contained within the video. Google may not be aware about it. Everything that can be seen and heard must be inserted within the indexable closed captioning.

Tips for Keyword Integration

Don’t do too much: Sometime, over optimization can do more bad than good. As a result, users may not like to look at your website at all. It is better not to do a thing that may affect the user experience negatively. Therefore, all the above areas should not utilize at once.

Meta keyword tag can be ignored: Very little attention may be given to the meta tags by the search engine. Therefore, precious time should not be wasted.

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