How can you optimize your site with SEO WRITING?

Do you want to get a place on the first page of the search engine result? Do you know how to optimize your blog or website?

It has been noticed that most of the business owners have failed to obtain advantage from a blog site or website. In spite of having a blog site, they may not have updated it for months. Through inclusion of new and relevant content on the website, it can be optimized. Therefore, advantage of the SEO writing based blog post must be taken always.

Here are some ways to optimize your site with SEO writing


For the purpose of page optimization, you need to research for an appropriate keyword according to nature of your brand. It has been often noticed that keywords are already included in the blog without your knowledge. If you want to do everything in a systematic manner then a tool can be utilized to find a perfect keyword for your blog. Later on, you can hire a professional to utilize the keyword properly within an article. Generally, tool like Google AdWords is utilized on the occasion.

Using the keyword within the post:

Following to the discovery of keywords, it is important to place them correctly within the article. On the occasion, keywords should be placed strategically to attract the attention of the search engine crawlers for indexing of content. It is important to use the keyword in the title, heading, introductory sentence or paragraph, anchor text, Meta descriptions, title tags and concluding paragraph. However, you must not stuff your keywords at the time as it may be difficult to read.

Image Optimization:

During image upload, keyword must be included within the file name. Description for the image must be keyword rich as well.

Reference Link:  By including a link from another blogger, a reference can be offered. In this way, you can showcase authenticity of your information as well. Providing a reference link is considered to be good etiquette of blogging. It is possible to get a return link from the blogger also. In this way, your site can be SEO optimized and traffic of the website can be increased as well.

Subscribe: Features like RSS and Feed Subscription must be added to the site also. Through inclusion of a subscribe button, you can engage your viewers further. In this way, the subscriber may obtain an instant notification following to an update on the site. They may not have to check your site on regular intervals. Traffic may increase on the site in the process too.

Use social media: Small business can utilize social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to promote about their product or content further. Link of the blog can be given through the social media also. SEO writing and techniques can ensure a higher rank on the SERP certainly. Conversion rate and traffic may increase in the process too.

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