How can you improve you SEO ranking in 2021

For success, there isn’t any shortcut as far as Google search result is concerned. However, pay-per-clicking may be an exception. Through use of PPC method you may able to increase your traffic that can be help with SERP also. However, it is definitely not a sustainable method Therefore, it is better to give more importance on the SEO.

Through a guide, you may able to know how to improve your SEO ranking

By improving the SEO ranking, it is possible to reach to the desired result on the SERP. Visibility of the website can be improved. Conversion rate can be increased at the same time.

However, effectiveness of the SEO strategy is enhanced if it is a continuous process. If you set up a SEO strategy and forget all about then it may not be great for the SEO ranking at all. Some of the suggestions may be required to be implemented just once whereas some of them may have to be revisited in regular intervals.

Track metrics through Google Analytics

First, you should to start to track your website with the help of the Google Analytics. However, Google Analytics cannot be the sole source to know about the performance of your website. However, it provides valuable information on how traffic arrives to the website. It is important to know about the number of visitors coming through organic search and whether the customers are engaged or not.

For understanding about the organic traffic and customer engagement, you should see how long a customer is browsing your site, number of page visited, bounce rate.

In case, the Google Analytics is configured to analyze diverse kinds of conversions then you may see how organic traffic converts. Several other things can be tracked with Google Analytics also.

Acquire an SSL Certificate

HTTPS can be looked as a SEO ranking factor. In the midst two billion websites, there is only 155 million sites with the SSL certificate. Privacy and security is a huge concern for the customer. Therefore, it is better to install SSL certificate to increase their trust on your website. It can enable you to earn good grades from Google also.

Increasing page speed for mobile search

From July 2018, mobile loading speed has been included within the ranking factor. Due to use of smartphones in abundance for Google search, it has become only natural. It is better not to ignore the mobile page speed as a ranking factor. It is better to ensure that you site meets expectation in terms of speed.

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