How can you drive engagement with contact page

One of the most of important job of a website is to drive your customer from an online platform to physical one and develop a relationship with you. Customer should be able to reach you if it is required without any hassle. After coming to your website, the customers may like to take next step.

Conversion is driven through the website. It is possible to observe about 8 points for creation of sales lead. Customer may not like to jump into a buying spree as soon as they land on your website.

In order to ensure success in business, relationship must be built with the customers. Contact us plays an essential role on the occasion. Most of the website owners do not give enough attention to the contact page. Contact us page is generally created with only address and phone number. However, they may not be able to understand the fact that potential prospect can be generated from the page. Some elements of designing are essential for driving results.

Elements of designing to be included in Contact Page

To reach the target audience, friendly and fun contact page is the key. Social media button can be included also. Through a map, exact location of the office can be pointed. It is better not to hide contact page link in the footer. As a result, it will be easier to find. Lot of content must not be placed within the page. In spite of having a friendly brand personality, you should be professional with the design and grammar. By using a clickable phone number on the contact, you can make it easy for the customers to call you. Contact information should be placed in same place. Through beautiful layout, customer’s eye can be guided also.

Driving Engagement with Contact Page

Look of the contact page must be good enough to attract the customers. It is essential to create a sense of connection with the customer with the help of this page.

Here’s how you can make your contact page stand out

Correct Use of Color

Color creates a huge impact on the psychology of the customer. User experience can be boosted up also. By using perfect color for certain pages, conversion power can be improved. If you use green instead of red for your CTA button then it is possible to notice an increase of 27% with click through rates.

However, there are different types of audiences. Target customer plays an important role on the occasion. Professionalism and trustworthiness should be reflected with the color also.

Color Blue generally brings a sense of calm. By experimenting with the color, right kind of emotion must be generated. Brand identity can be created with color. CTA button must stand out too.

Humanized Customer Service Team

If a customer is interested in your product or service then they may look into your customer service also. It feels quite frustrating to see a contact page that is completely blank. Required information must be offered with the contact page always.

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