How can you create High Quality Content

To stay above of your competition within the SERPs, you should publish high quality content. Hearing this, it may not seem any issue at all. However, couple of problem can be noticed on the way. Most of the content creator thinks that their content is of high quality.
In reality, it is really hard to create high quality content that is regarded by the SEO. More importance is given on the things like keyword density, word count and formatting most of the time. By the content marketing strategist, it is said often that the ‘Content is King’ and it is very important for SEO also.
What can be regarded as high quality content?

High quality content generally helps to archive marketing goals. It should be comprehensive, educational, useful, accurate and best reply for the searcher’s query.
If the primary goal of the content is to enhance the amount of social share on Facebook and Instagram then you must try to connect with the targeted audience more to get more share.
In case the goal is to attain leads then same content cannot be utilized. It may not be enough to attract the audient. However, it cannot be considered as low quality content on the occasion. So, it all depends on what your target is.
Ways to create High Quality Content

To analyze the rate of success of content marketing strategy, parameter must be set at the very beginning. Now, you can start to produce content.
1. Understand Search Intent and CTA
Reason of seeking information is referred as search intent. It is possible that the user is looking for general information or a solution to a problem. On the occasion, they may try to obtain as much information as possible also about a product before purchasing it.
Before creating content, creator should know what the audience is looking for. In addition, creator should be clear in the mind also about the result of the action. On the occasion, you may be trying to sell a product or develop a subscriber list.
So, how can requirement of the audience and brand’s marketing goal can be satisfied together?
Content strategy should look into all the factors to create Call to Action or CTA that works well with the user intent and content goal.
2. Improve Readability with proper formatting

Content should be easy to read. It is applicable to both the consumers and search engine. In order to achieve high rank within the SERP, the content should be crawled and indexed by the search engine.
Performance of the content often depends on its format. Skimming through article with the help of headings and subheading, audience may able to have an idea about it. Content should be broken up in small blocks, list and white spaces to ensure that it is easy to comprehend.
Huge block of content is never appreciated by the audience or Google.

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