How can you add your website to Google News?

Google dominates everyone as far as market share in search engine is concerned. Site owners have been trying constantly to bring more traffic to your website. If you manage to get listed in Google News then more attention can be brought to your content quite easily. Due to increase in visibility, it may be considered by Google as the top stories. Previously, several methods have to be utilized to ensure listing in Google. However, Google has changed its policy in 2019 regarding the site submission.
Consideration for the top stories happens quite naturally by the publisher. High quality content has to be produced while abiding by the rules of Google News Content. Previous tips and strategies for the eligibility of Google News are still relevant today.
So, how to make your content feature in the top stories within the search results?

What is Google News?

Google News can be looked as a vertical search engine that is computer generated. Both collection and aggregation of new stories is done from different information sources all the over world. Based on different factors, news is displayed by Google in the end. User preference, relevance, interest, freshness of content and authority plays an important role on the occasion.
Google News can be accessed directly by the users. Display of the Google News article can be done within the main pain also.

Reasons for entering in to Google News

Increase in the visibility, reach and traffic of the website is the reason behind utilizing Google News. In reality, the process is quite complex. Google News is trusted by the users.
Due to trust, desired result can be seen. Broader business opportunities can be opened in front that is more than standard search metrics.
Trust plays an important role in the creation of brand awareness. In addition, an impact may be created in behavior of the users. It can be noticed with pre-click and post-click scenario. Most of the business owner wants to use Google News for featured articles as it can help with the both present and future content.
Top stories can be looked as the entry point of the competitive search.

Get into Google News

Best practices and guidelines for the Google search result is applied for the content on Google News also. High ranks can be ensured in the process too.

General Guidelines

Type of content

Relevant and timely content must be produced that may increase the interest of the audience for Google News. Content related to job advertisements. Tips, job advertisement, advice and informative content may not be a part of Google News.

Unique and Readability

Original and accurate content must be produced for Google News. In case, there is a combination of a self generated and aggregated content your site then it must be distinguished properly. Otherwise, content cannot be listed in Google News.
In addition, some additional guidelines must be followed also.

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