Guide for SEO friendly URL structure

Most of the people think that an URL is inconsequential address for the webpages. However, structure of URL plays in important role in SEO and ranking. It may not be as essential as the title or headline. Still, URL can be looked as a powerful tool that may help to success with SEO.

Keywords in URLs are used for ranking

Clear answer cannot be found whether URL is utilized for the ranking or not.
2010: Look at the keyword in URL as it is used by the user
In the year 2010, Matt Cutts has released a video while explaining about the presence of keyword in the path versus filename. On the occasion, Cutts has looked at the issue based on the preference of the user.
Multi-hyphenated version may be considered as a spam to the user. It is not possible to find an algorithm with the multi-hyphen. So, penalization may not be seen. User perspective is generally doubled on the occasion.
From the side of search engine, one thing may not be preferred from the other. However, long file name should not be used with lots of hyphens. If a user sees a series of dashes then it may not be clicked. Experience of the user has been given more importance by Matt here.

2011: Keywords within the domain is used as ranking factor

Google has reduced the influence of keyword within the domain for the purpose of ranking. Just like keywords in URL, keyword in domain has been utilized also as a ranking factor. However, importance has been downplayed on the occasion. Preference has been given to marketing and user experience while downplaying URL keywords.

2016: Google has said that keywords have little importance as a ranking factor

John Mueller from Google has said that keyword is indeed a ranking factor. However, it has very little importance. So, there is no need to force it. Efforts of restructuring the URL with the keyword may not worth your precious time. Instead, other things must be given more importance.

2017: URL keywords are hyped

Further, importance of keywords has been minimized by Mueller. It is even called overrated.

2018: There is no need to think about keywords in URL

Keywords in the URL are not seen by the user. So, it may not be a ranking factor. Looking at Google action, it can be said that URL keywords have very little influence.

Does Keyword in URL enhance clicks through SERPs?

Previously, it had been thought that high CTR can be ensured with the keywords in the URL that comes from the SERPs. It is a thing that may be useful in the past. However, it may not be relevant today. The issue is especially true in case of breadcrumb navigation.
Use of category name can be seen by Google in the search results that come with the breadcrumb navigation. URL keywords are not visible here. In case of site without breadcrumb navigation, URL keywords may be showcased. However, it may not be highlighted

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