Guide for Letter Spacing

Reading is the best way to consume information. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the content while designing a website. Different aspects of typography can be found. However, one of the most important aspects is expected to be letter spacing. It is a feature that crates a great impact on the look of your content. Improvement can be observed in terms of readability also.

Through letter spacing, distance between two letters can be enhanced or decreased. It can be confused with kerning sometime. However, letter spacing and kerning are definitely not the same. Entire line of text can be affected by the letter spacing. In case of kerning, importance is given on the space between two letters only. Kerning is a thing that should be left in the hands text designer. Letter spacing can be controlled. However, same cannot be said for kerning. Through practice, treatment towards letter spacing can be changed.

Purpose behind Letter Spacing

Readability and legibility are the main purpose of letter spacing. Based on the color, size and background, different action from words can be noticed. It may be important to adjust with the environment also. In this way, information can be received by the readers easily also. By the readers, it may not be noticed. However, it may not be the purpose of the letter spacing. It is better to help the readers without them acknowledging.

By the typographers, features like kerning and letter spacing have been well thought off. However, it may not be noticed with each and every text. It is important to understand about the typeface when it is necessary. Designers must have knowledge about the basic principles of typefaces.

Readability and Legibility

Paragraph length, line-height, font size, letter spacing and typeface choices create impact on the readability and legibility. Letter spacing is just the beginning of typography. However, typography must not be overused within the content. Between two letters, it is better not to keep too much or too little distance. In such occasions, experience of the readers may be affected. Readers may struggle to read the content also.

Capital Letter Spacing

Capital Letters are generally noticed in the beginning of proper noun and sentence. It is generally combined with the lowercase letters. If the capital letter is spaced closely then the line may become too tight. To ensure better readability, space between two letters must be maintained. Same rules must be implied for both small and large font size.

Headlines Letter- Spacing

Calibration is important for a well designed font also. Major adjustment may not be required on the occasion. In case of headlines, larger scales are generally utilized. As a result, the letters may look a little bit unbalanced. By enhancing or decreasing letter spacing, unbalance between letters can be fixed.

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