Guide for Instagram Marketing for ecommerce

Instagram is a visual platform that has more than 1 billion users. For the brands, it has become a new digital platform for marketing. Now, it may be important to know the process of creating brand based strategy on Instagram. Through Instagram marketing, it may be possible to improve brand awareness, production sales and conversions.

Through the platforms, users have been discovering new brands. According to the data, about 80% of the active users have been following minimum one business within the platform. Both organic post and stories about shoppable products from the brand are being uploaded on Instagram. In the future, businesses are expected to battle it out on this platform to promote their brands successfully.

Now, you must try to understand how a brand first strategy can be built with Instagram. It is better to keep an eye on the simple things.

• Developing and optimizing business profile
• Target audience identifying
• Curating content

Following to these basic things, brand must look at complex things to ensure more conversion through the platform. Product catalog as well as product can be tagged with the post.

1. Instagram Business Profile

In case you have not created a business profile on Instagram yet then it must be done first. Legitimacy of your business must be established as well. Through the Instagram profile, you may able to get an idea about your target audience. It is better to place a contact within the profile. As a result, connection with the customer can be established.

• Optimizing Business Account on Instagram

Post creation of your business, you must invest some time to optimize it. If you implement effective strategy then it is quite natural to see great results. Brand’s first impression may be good as well.

In order to optimize your profile, following things can be done.

• High quality picture as brand profile
• Bio that represents the brand perfectly
• Provide online link of your store
• Persuasive CTA
• Provide contact information

2. Content Strategy

Products are generally marketed through Instagram channel of a brand. Therefore, it is better to create a content strategy to impress the client on the first go. Hard work that has been put into creation of Instagram account may not be fruitful if you cannot take leverage from the content.

Identifying Target Audience

In the beginning, you must identify your target audience. Based on the interest of the target audience, you must create a content strategy. One of the main goals on the occasion is boosting sales and improving brand awareness without any doubt.

3. Content Curation

Content on Instagram for organic post and stories can be aspirational, motivational, relatable and product based. User generated content can be a good option on the occasion too. Based on the nature of the brand, you can decide upon the content. Hashtags, branded hashtags and community hashtags can be utilized on the occasion too.

On your product tags, it is better to include description, price and image. In addition, link for buying products must be given also. Through the process, sales and conversion of the brand can be increased.

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