Google is going to change from next month – So Be Ready

For almost a year, Google has been considering a web vital tool and page experience update. Now, it is heard that update is going to roll out from May, 2021. Therefore, it is better to make your website prepared for it. Best practices of SEO must be given importance once again. Google has been talking about these practices for years. Now, time may have come to make it official part of the update. If you do not take the matter seriously then it may create an effect on your site ranking definitely.
Here, we are going to discuss everything that Google has said in recent past.

Google Page Update

During May 2020, Google has first informed about a possibility of Google Page Update
On the occasion, it has been said that Google algorithm may change. However, specific details about the time have not been given. Now, it is clear that an update is coming in May 2021.

Reducing Friction on Web

User experience may not have been overlooked by the designers and web developers while building a website as they have wanted so.
Google has been taking stern approach when it comes to page experience in the last few years. For example, more importance is given on the mobile first design. Measures are taken also to remove pop-ups and increasing page loading speed. Through the new update, Google may establish the fact further that site owners should give prime importance to accessibility, performances, technical best practices and also SEO for building a website.

Some older signals may be included

Google has said that page experience update may also include some old signals along with fresh core web vitals. From various Google apps, data is going to be gathered. As a result, it may become easier for the web developers and designers to deliver improved on-page experience.

Change in the page experience algorithm over time

According to Google,
“Because we continue to work on identifying and measuring aspects of page experience, we plan to incorporate more page experience signals on a yearly basis to both further align with evolving user expectations and increase the aspects of user experience that we can measure.”
Close attention should be given on the changes to improve your site ranking on the search engine result page

Google Apps are being updated

In the anticipation of the page experience update, Google has started to update its apps. Core Web Vitals data can be seen in the Google PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse and Search Console.

Effect on the Google’s Top Stories

Till now, Google top stories are showcased that has been AMP enabled only. However, it may not be required from here on. If the page is expected to meet the criteria of the page experience then it can get a rank within the section.

Content may be still important than page experience

In spite of having the necessary page experience attributes, the website may not able to get a good page ranking if it does not have quality content. Value of the content is quite huge still now.

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