Google is changing its free cloud storage policy and it may create an impact on you

Starting from 1st June, 2021 some changes are expected to be seen with the policy of Google’s cloud storage. Here on, unlimited cloud storage may not be offered to the user for the purpose of uploading videos and pictures through its Google Photo service. Inactive account may be deleted by Google during the time also. Here’s what need to know about Google cloud storage policy change.

Current Google Cloud Storage Policy

Users are offered 15GB free space for storage. Google offers more space than Microsoft One Drive and Apple’s iCloud which offers 5GB free storage.

Free storage on Google includes Gmail, Photos and Drive. In the Drive, you can store spreadsheet, files and several others things that are created through Google Docs or Google Sheets. Pictures that are uploaded on Google Photos have not been included in the free space. High resolution videos and pictures have been part of it too.

High resolutions pictures are generally compressed to save space. Pictures over 16MP are resized to 16 MP. Same is true for pictures over 1080p in resolution. In case, you are uploading picture in its original resolution then you may not be affected by policy change. Pictures and videos in original resolution are generally not considered as a part of account storage by Google.

Change in Google Cloud Storage Policy

Google Photos will not be free from the middle of next year. Pictures and videos uploaded will be considered as a part of storage. Previously, it has been possible to upload pictures and videos without losing account storage through use of free account. However, it is going to change from the next year.

What is reason behind making such change by Google?

Google has more than 1 billion users. Therefore, it is not feasible for them anymore to offer cloud storage free. Through a blog post, it has been informed by Google ‘people are uploading more content than ever before—in fact, more than 4.3 million GB are added across Gmail, Drive, and Photos every day.’ As a result of growing demand, Google has become obliged to make change to maintain its pace.

Due to these changes by Google, users may have to pay that have become depended on these apps to upload pictures and videos regularly. Users on the verge of their cloud storage may have to start paying to Google.

For additional storage through Google One program, user must pay Rs. 210 every month for 200 GB in India. For 2TB storage, Rs. 650 is required. There is also a plan of Rs. 6500 a year. Based on the country, difference in the payment plan may be observed.

What you need to do to avoid paying to Google?

Some concessions may be offered by Google. Pictures and videos uploaded prior to 1st June, 2021 may remain a part of free storage. So, you may not have to delete pictures and videos in case you have already exceeded the mark of 15GB with your account

However, pictures and videos uploaded after the stipulated date will be part of new free space that is going to be offered by Google. If you store more pictures and videos later on then you may have to pay in future. Free storage space of 15GB is expected to be divided between Gmail, Drive and Photos.

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