Google has come up with new product reviews algorithm update

By Google, update on the search algorithm has been made and it can be looked as the product reviews update. It is an update that has been designed to ensure better rewards with the product reviews. In depth research instead of thin content that may offer you names of certain products only can be rewarded more. Through the content, insightful analysis may be done. In addition, it can be an original research also. If the content is written by an expert or an enthusiast that know about the topic fully then it may rewarded by Google.

One of the prime reasons behind Google product review update is to promote product reviews. More information may be provided on the occasion. As far as search engine result page ranking is concerned, high quality content for product review may be benefitted from the process certainly.

Direct push to the product review with thin content may not be seen. If you use a product review with a list of products only then Google ranking may decrease as the search engine is going to prefer other high quality content. It may seem like a penalty also. However, it cannot be considered as a penalty technically. Insightful content is rewarded by Google on the occasion only and it is generally ranked over others.

From Google, it has been said that it is certainly not a core update. It is more like a standalone update. So, it is being called product review update. It is certainly different than a core update from Google. It has been said “about producing quality content for those is also relevant here” Some additional guidance is offered by Google also on the update.

Advice regarding product review update

The update “focus overall is on providing users with content that provides insightful analysis and original research, content written by experts or enthusiasts who know the topic well”. Regarding this update, Google has said something similar to the recommendation for the core update. However, there has been some additional information regarding product reviews also. By Google, it has been recommended to cover following areas.

Expertise knowledge on the product should be offered
Product must be described in terms of its physicality. If there is any unique content or information about the product that has not been shared by the manufacturers then it must be provided also. It is better to tell the user how to use the product as well
Quantitative measurement of the product must be offered in comparison to other product in the category as far as performance is concerned.
Discuss how the product is different from others
Comparable products should be covered to some extent. Talk about best product based on its circumstances.
Both benefit and disadvantages of the product should be described

The update is already live now for English product reviews globally. In case you have been offering content with the product reviews then you must observe whether the new update has affected your ranking or not. More detailed content should be uploaded in the future that is unique as well.

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