‘Full Coverage’ for News is the fresh Google search result update

Full coverage is gained by Google for breaking news. In this way, more context of a story can be obtained through multiple sources. First time, full coverage has been introduced to Google News in 2018. A wider roll out has been promised in 2019 which has not happened. Now almost after two years, full coverage feature has been introduced to the Google search result.
In case, you do not use the Google News app on the regular basis then you may not have seen the full coverage feature in the past. Here are the details about it. Through the feature, more traffic can be generated for the publishers.

Full Coverage Feature of Google

Use of artificial intelligence can be seen on the occasion to draw similar stories together at one place in order
to offer Full Coverage of News on Google.
As the name suggests, full coverage has been created to offer the user a good coverage on the story. By different sources, a story can be reported. In this way, user may able to know progress of a story completely.
However, the feature may not be seen with each and every news story. It is expected to be seen with the stories only that have been developing over a long time.
In case of launch of new model of iPhone, full coverage may not be seen as it discusses about an event one time.
On the mater like COVId-19 pandemic, full coverage may be offered as it is an ongoing process.
More sources can be brought forward with this feature. As a result, more traffic can be driven. It is not possible to optimize a news article unless more news is published on the subject. It is better to optimize new article in normal way. Decision can be taken by Google whether to give a news article full coverage or not.
By the Google AI, people, location and things are understood that is related with each other. Through the Full Coverage, articles are organized according the storyline as the event happens in the real time.
Human editor has not been appointed for the purpose of curating stories. As a result, personalization of the stories may not be seen. Same storyline is observed by everyone.

Look of the Full Coverage

During search for breaking news, users may like to see the full coverage. Therefore, a button is placed at the end of carousel with top stories.
According to Google, Full Coverage with the search result is much more advanced than Google News. As a result, long running stories can be covered very easily that may have going on for more days.
Through mobile search result, Full Coverage has been introduced already in US. It is going to be roll out in other countries soon.

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