Duplicate Content Issue in WordPress and its solution

For the small business in addition to the bloggers and news site, WordPress is a great option. Best practices can be applied almost automatically similar to the canonical links. It is possible to find plug-ins for almost everything. However, some issues can be seen also due to ease of publishing also.

Duplicate Content

In case of content duplication, rank may not be offered by the WordPress. However, it is not same as the duplicate content in SEO.

Common Types of Duplicate Content Issue in WordPress


For WordPress websites, tag can create a huge issue. By tagging an article, a unique page can be created in WordPress that is filled with other relevant content. Snippets from the article may be shown on the occasion. In case the tag is same in your main page or category within the core website then it is definitely your competitor.

Modified versions are always seen with the tags that create similar content for competition. In such cases pages may be devalued and rank is not offered.

Fix: On the occasion, you can remove the tag completely. However, you can add no follow, no index or meta robots tag on the occasion.

Through no index do follow, it can be indicated to the search engine that the page is thin. However, links can be followed for crawling and indexing of page.

Search engine can be told that the page is not good enough. However, it can be utilized to find good content.


Through the category page, various posts and articles are featured similar to a tag. On the occasion H1 tag can be seen which is same as the article. Better answer or solution to the question may not be provided on the occasion. As it is an article snippet therefore it may not be good enough. It can be considered as a thin content. However, some exceptions can be seen at the time also.

In case a category is mentioned within a channel then it may be useful for the readers. Therefore, it is better to look at the tags differently.

Meta robit index and do follow tags can be added on the occasion. In addition, unique title and content should be created also. If there is relevant schema then it should be added too.

In this way, you can define query types as well the people that can look at the page.

Reward can be offered by the search engine. However, it is important to make sure that they are not a competition for the core website page.

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