DuckDuck Go is for the privacy loving users that is crossing 100 million search in a day

DuckDuck Go is not a competitor of Google yet. However, it is a business model that can act as the new search engine playbook. On 11th January, DuckDuck Go has achieved an amazing feat of going past 100 million searches a day.

Google has a market shared of 87.81% in USA. Bing is its closest competitor with mere 6.45% market share. In the third position, you may able to see Yahoo with 3.05%. Now, DuckDuck Go is catching Yahoo fast with the market share of 2.3%.

Search volume data is not published by Google. However, Google offers 5 billion searches everyday according to the experts. Now, it is believed that if DuckDuck Go maintains its rate of exceptional growth then it may reach to 1 billion searches a day in the coming 4-5 years.

By DuckDuck Go, Google is not challenged directly. It has a long path to walk before it reaches to Google and challenge them. In order to become a success, there is no need to serve billions of queries per day. Here, one thing must be remembered that the new search engines are not even trying to be a market leader.

For DuckDuck Go, it is a goal to carve a niche for themselves among the internet users that gives prime importance to privacy. For others, it may act as the playbook also. Ecosia is a search engine based Berlin which has made a mark by donating their large share of profit for the purpose of reforestation worldwide. On the other hand, OneSearch is also a search engine that concentrates on the privacy and follows a quite similar model to DuckDuck Go that has been launched from January, 2020. In addition, ex-Google Ad head Sridhar Ramaswamy has also started Neerva which is subscription based search engine without any ads.

To fulfill the clauses of the antitrust ruling in EU in 2018, Google has started Android Search Choice from March, 2020. Default search provider can be chosen in EU after coming to the search. Options is generally displayed and decided through an auction. However, the process is criticized by Ecosia as well as DuckDuck Go and they have boycotted it.

In more than thirty-one EU territories, appearance of Duck Duck Go has been noticed along with and Google following to its roll out at the very beginning. Google has been criticized for its remedy of antitrust. According to other search engine, the auction prefers search engine that tries to take advantage of personal information of the user.

Privacy is given utmost importance by the users now-a-days. It has obliged Google and Apple to stop the third party cookies. It has also led to the rise of the DuckDuck Go which has received 100 million users a day.

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