Content Refreshing: How can content stay fresh?

In case of content marketing, more focus is given on creation always. For obtaining rank with a new keyword, it is essential to write new content. If an old content has become outdated then a new version of it can be created. However, you have to go on a treadmill of creating content constantly on the occasion. To avoid creation of content every now and then, you may like to invest some time for evergreen content.

Here, one thing must be remembered that evergreen content cannot grow. If you write such content and forget about it completely then fate of the content may not be great. It is going to die over time. For maintaining and nurturing content, it should be updated and refreshed.

Why refreshing a content is important?

For nurturing of evergreen content, system must be created to update and refresh it in regular intervals. Method must be considered especially when the traffic and conversion of the content is declining.

So, how to deal with the situation?

Step 1: Content Audit

Before refreshing content, it is better to go through a process of content audit. Based on the goals, importance must be given on different metrics.

Through an audit, it is possible to know which type of content has become a success and which has failed. Depending on the outcome, decision can be taken on which content should be refreshed. Highest priority must be given to the updates also.

If traffic of content is increasing steadily whereas other one is decreasing gradually over the month then the second one should be refreshed.

Step 2: Identifying Content Gaps

Following to a content audit, you may know which content should be prioritized for an update. Now, strategy regarding update must be developed. Here, you may like to know which gaps are needed to be filled. On the occasion, importance must be given on both strategic and informational gaps. So, goal is here is to make content high performing as well as more informative.

Step 3: Re-mastering content

Post strategizing about the process of remixing and improving an old content, it must be re-mastered in order to create something new.

Duration of fixing the content may completely depend on the nature of the gap. In case of an aesthetic based update, format and readability of the article must be improved. Just logging in to the CMS, you can update it easily.

In case of larger update such as creation of a new copy, it is better to edit some portion of the copy on the word document.

Step 4: Re-promoting new copy

As the refreshed version of the content comes live, you must promote it quite heavily just like a new content. It can be pinned on the top of the blog. Internal links from the relevant pages should be directed to the new content also. On the occasion, announcement banner can be used. Promotion of the content must be done with off-site method as well.

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