Checklist for launching WordPress Site – 3 Basics

Most of the people work with the WordPress site now-a-days. Lots of plugins are utilized on the occasion also. From the beginning of 2015, several blogs remain unpublished with broken links, bad URLs and spammed filled links also. These things are pretty common. In between the regular jobs, web developers also invest time for freelance work. Therefore, WordPress site has become a norm.
The small business owners as well as big conglomerates need to look at the matters like taxes and develop a business plan. Every business owner should be aware about it. These must have skills are required for the WordPress website also.
There is certainly no need to stress at all. Basics are covered in this article that you may need to know to launch a WordPress website.
SEO friendly theme is way to go as it is going to support your website in multiple devices along with the plug-ins. By following the checklists, you may able to create and upgrade your website. ROI boosting website may be created in almost no time.

Steps before launching a WordPress Website

In the beginning, you may think that WordPress is intimidating. However, it is not very difficult in reality. In a span of a month, almost 70 million posts are seen on a WordPress site. If it has been very troublesome then so many people may not have used it.
Benefits of using WordPress website is discussed by lots of web developers and web designers so far. It is also good for SEO.
Same capabilities of WordPress cannot be found with any other platforms. There is no need to learn code to use the platform.
However, SEO advantages and ROI cannot be achieved with WordPress in just one day. Foundation of the WordPress should be set properly in order to see results in a relatively quick time. It is essential to know how you can navigate with the WordPress in order to go deepest and darkest corners of the platform.
Here are some things to learn

Web Hosting

In order to navigate through WordPress successfully, you need set up web hosting. Virtual private server should be handled properly. Having data backup is important also. If you do not have enough time for it then you should make time for it.
If you have enough time and resources then anyone can set up the website. Extra money should be spent on web hosting solutions always.
In case of a slow and unresponsive site, it is quite natural to observe an increase in the bounce rate. As a result, users may drop off also.
Huge difference can be seen with the site that takes about one second to load and one that that takes ten seconds.
Google has said that even 0.4 milliseconds time is huge for the users in order to decide whether they want to stay with the site or not.
Following questions should be asked before taking a leap into hosting service
Are plugins supported?
Types of backup are offered?
Do they have a staging environment?
What is bandwidth volume?
What kind of operating system is being used? Is it Windows or Linux?
What are sites that are in your IP range?
To know more, you must look at the part 2 of this article

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