Can you change the YouTube Channel name without affecting the Google account?

YouTube channel creators can change the name of the channel. On the occasion, they may not have to change their Google account. In addition to the channel name, photos can be changed also. Changes will be seen on the platform of YouTube only.

Previously, YouTube creators have to alter the name across the Google services in order to change the YouTube account name. So, the creators can use one name for the YouTube channel now and another name for the Gmail account.

Here’s how you can change the YouTube Channel name

From either brand account as well as personal account, you can change the YouTube channel name. There’s no need to change the Google account name. The changes can be made through the YouTube Studio as well as YouTube Mobile app.

Changing the YouTube account name through desktop

Signing into the YouTube Studio, you can choose the customization option from the left hand side of the menu and then you can go to the basic info. Clicking on the edit option, you can update the channel name. Fresh channel description can be entered also. Now, you should click on the Publish option to see your brand new channel.

Changing the YouTube account name through mobile app

Opening the mobile app, you should tap upon the profile picture. Now, you must tap on the channel. From the right hand side of the channel page, you can tap on ‘Your Channel’ option. Now, you have to tap on the Settings. Over the channel name, you should tap on the edit. Changing and updating the channel name, you should tap on the tick that is placed on the corner.

Interestingly, help page of YouTube for understanding the basic information about the channel has not been updated yet regarding the change of YouTube account name without altering the Google account name.

From the help page, you may able to know that name of the channel can be altered for three times with the gap of 90 days. It is a rule that is still valid. Therefore, creators must be aware about it while experimenting with the channel name.

Important note for the verified channels

Verified Channel creators must be aware of the fact that they are going to lose the checkmark if the channel name is changed. It is a strategy from YouTube in order to avoid issues of impersonation.

However, a creator can change their channel name and also retain their checkmark by applying for it once again. Some time may be required to complete the process. Therefore, you should be aware about the risk before going forward with it.

How can you change the YouTube channel URL?

Post alteration of the YouTube channel name, you URL is not going to alter automatically. Separate steps should be followed in order to achieve it.

Custom URL is allotted by YouTube to the creators for their channels that can be changed three times in a year. On the occasion, creators are given option to choose a URL from a recommended list. It is generally offered based on the channel name. In this creators are also safeguarded from choosing a misleading URL.

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