Boosting Engagement with Animation

Life can be brought back to a website through animation. It can be looked as a fun and interesting mode. If animation is used correctly that it can do wonders to your website. More engagement can be ensured with the process too. Conversion can be driven as well.

However, you may be carried away a little with animation while creating a website. It is the responsibility of the web designers and web developers to find perfect balance between too much or too little activity with animation in your website.

Animation for Web Designing

Lots of use of animation can be noticed in the web world now-a-days. Previously, web designers have discovered that they can embed movement within a website. However, high end animation has been noticed on the occasion mostly. As a result, entire website has to be driven with the assistance of Flash.

Now, those trends of web designing have been left behind. User experience based animation is being included within the website now. It may not be created as the center piece of the website anymore.

It is possible to create a website without any animation at all. However, main purpose of a website is to attract and engage your customers with your products and brand. Therefore, animation can be created to serve that specific purpose solely. Through animation, a website can be made more attractive in the eyes of the customer. Process of navigation can be improved as well. If you add too much animation then it may slow down your website.

Loading Animation

During the page load, you can distract your customer with delightful animation. Unique experience can be delivered through the process too. Brand can be highlighted in a playful nature through these animations also.

Particle animation can be utilized to deliver best possible results. It can be either interactive or non-interactive in nature. Frustration of the user can be taken care of in case a page takes too much time to load. As they are engaged with the animation, a click on the ‘back’ button may not be seen.

Microinteraction Animation

Simple and quick animation can be created through microinteration. Specific use of the animation is seen mostly. Following to interaction with certain elements, these animations are utilized to give information and visual feedback. Microinteractions are very subtle. Spotlight may not be snatched by these animations.

Based on your requirement, it can be either complex or simple. It can be utilized for the following things.

• Highlighting when something is switched on or switched off
• Informing the user if an action is successful
• Important information can be showcased
• Using animation to push for an action

Dynamic Background

In order to make your website stand out, animation is a great option. However, you must remember the fact that excessive animation may slow down your website. By using an animated background, you can offer new information to the user. One of the main reasons of including a dynamic background is to enhance experience of your customer. It is better to use an animation that compliments other elements on your site.

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