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Web Application is the Future

Most of the web application comes with the weight of 20 MB. Internet connection is required for the use of mobile and web application. Updates of data-heavy nature are often observed in due course. Similar kinds of facilities and features are often obtained from several kinds of applications. However, size of the mobile application is relatively smaller.
Some of the apps are pre-installed in the mobile for the benefit of the customer. It cannot be removed even if the customer wants so. Diverse ranges of things can be executed through these applications. However, lots of space is captured with the download of application. Storage space can be limited in the process. Native apps can be found within the mobile as well these native apps are generally utilized for trivial things such as alarm clocks, calculators and sound recorders. In order to handle the large files, necessity of internet connection can be felt.
For a developer, it is not easy to create an app and release in the market. From the marketplace, approval is required for the release of application. It is generally considered as an expensive process. Separate version of web application is needed in order to utilize it on several web browsers such as Firefox iOS, Android and Apple. Extra development time is generally required for the process.
The Problem
Through native application, it is possible to come across entertaining and useful feature. However, some amount of inconvenience can be experienced in the process.
In case the developer is only accustomed with the CSS, HTML and JavaScript then issues can be observed while developing an application. Entrance within the marketplace becomes difficult at the same time. Tight control can be observed in addition to licensing fees. Trouble in the level of support can be noticed due to presence of several versions and incompatibility within the device. Some of the applications can be installed within either in Android phones or iPhones.
Bandwidth causes a lot of problem for the user. In addition, issues can be seen due to frequent updates of file. It becomes problem some to open some of the application without updates. On several occasions, apps are installed to create space for another one. It is better to avoid application with similar kind of features every time.
In order to cure the problems of native application, solution can be searched through web application. To obtain proper function from the web application, you must be connected with internet. Utility of these applications often depend on the browser.
Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is enough to develop web application. Static application can be seen in some cases.
Marketplace for the web application can be found as well. There is no need to go in a single location for the download of these apps. Through URL, installation of application can be made possible. Several version of the application may not be required in the process. Installation and distribution process of web app is quite easy. Therefore, web application must be preferred in every given occasion.

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