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Tips for lessening the pain of making Prototype

In the past, division between a web designer and web developer has been made through the ability to incorporate feature of user experience within the design. However, lines between the web developers and web designers have blurred over the course. Pace of making web design is maintained by the designer through knowledge about user experience. Development cycle can be made agile in the process,
Principles of UX Design
Experts have advised to use data in order to develop the process of designing. During creation of prototype, it is necessary to give importance on the user action. Both quantitative and qualitative data can be utilized in the process. In order to develop a product, solution hypothesis must be created for several issues.
Check out of the customer from the website can be observed due to lack of promo code. The field may not be even presented within the design. In some occasion, elimination of some field can be noticed to increase conversion rate. However, it is certainly a wrong idea related to conversation and traffic of website. Decrease in the amount of sales can be experienced in the process. Direction for a project can be decided through A/B tests, qualitative testing of repeated nature and funnel analysis.
Limitation can be observed due to alteration of design team suddenly. In some occasion, feedback from the customer is not given adequate notice. It is very important to know about the product that you have been building over time.
Discontinue the use of wireframes
Rapid prototyping is ensured in the past through the presence of wireframes within static website. Designs are generally sketched by the experts in the beginning. Later on, design can be adjusted based on the feedback from the customer. In the last few years, web developers have been doing more than just creating simple page. It has become possible to create application that can be run through various kinds of browsers.
Disadvantages of wireframes:
• Functionality must be shown by the designer. Use of product can be defined differently due to use of wireframes.
• Time of creating design is often increased due to utilization of hand drawn wireframes.

Kinds of Prototypes
Low Fidelity
Concepts can be showcased from the beginning through prototype with low fidelity in addition to screen layouts, design options and other components of higher level. Functionality is given utmost importance in the process. Distraction can be eliminated completely. Due to creation of design in paper, it can be created quite swiftly.
High Fidelity
Both effort and time is required for creation and development of high-fidelity prototype. Different departments can be placed within same website in the process. Sufficient amount of research can be done. Similar results may not be obtained through low-fidelity prototype.
Improving workflow of prototype
Requirement must be met even after creation of the website completely. Information can be collected through user interview and focus group. Google analytics must be utilized in order to know about the complete picture. Behavior of the user can be understood in the process as well.
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