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Importance of architecture for mobile application

Profitability of the business can be enhanced further with a mobile application. It is necessary to develop application that can be utilized with several platforms quite easily. Usefulness of mobile application can be explained through the point of view of architecture.
In the beginning, it is important to know about n-Tier architecture. From the term, it seems quite complicated. However, experts have tried to explain the term in simple manner. Sense can be brought in to business perspective in due course. By breaking the application in to separate layers, function of the n-tier architecture can be fulfilled. It is possible to come across basically three layers. They are known as database layer, application and presentation layer.
The n-tier architecture must be applied within the web application for mobile. Each application can be divided in to various presentation layers through the architecture of n-tier. Therefore, it is possible to come across an application with three kinds of presentation layers. In this way, web application can be made available for tablets and desktops in addition to mobile phones.
Function of architecture:
Creation of architecture is observed first. Diverse ranges of presentation layers must be created for different kinds of devices. In this way, a single application can be accessed through several devices. JavaScript can be incorporated within the application for desired result. User’s browser is checked in the process. Presentation layer can be delivered to a particular device in the process.
How assistance can be obtained from web application?
Due to presence of n-tier architecture, lots of time can be saved. There is no need to develop different applications for diverse ranges of devices. By making changes to the presentation layer, application can be delivered in lesser amount of time. Fresh application is not required in the process. The application can be utilized through several browsers. Therefore, a single presentation layer can be seen enough for every possible smartphone available in the market. Operating system may differ on the occasion.
Is it easy to create a fresh web application? Or, Is it better to develop web application with architecture?
However, assistance can be offered through some other means as well. Each tier is generally disconnected from each other. Placement of tier can be observed in diverse ranges of places. It can be edited by several developers at a time. Therefore, it has become possible to fix the presentation layer without a single change within the web application. Single change is required exclusively. It is certainly a safer approach for the creation of mobile or web application.
Faster, safer and proper maintenance of web application can be done in the process. Developer can easily finish the job. Knowledge about a specific platform may not be required in the process. Through simple use of n-tier architecture, every possible problem can be solved.

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