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Ideas to upgrade call-to-action button

Through perfect combination of words on the page, desired results can be ensured without much difficulty. Lives can be changed completely in due course. Therefore, it has become quite important to know about the exact formula. Customers can be attracted to the webpage through these strategies.
Call to action is one of the effective features of landing page. Through this button, it is possible to go further with the purchase of a particular product and service. Few words are used in order to ensure effectiveness of the button. More effect can be ensured with the action button instead of entire copy. Strong CTA influences a person to click on the option of purchase. Powerful statement can be made in the process. Intent can be observed behind the button. Customers can be mesmerized and influenced with the call to action button.
Both the science and art is attached with the call-to-action button. Following ideas can be tried to ensure further effective from CTA button.
Use the word “My” instead of “Your”
In most of cases, the expression “Your” is used with the call-to-action button. Through this process, customers are asked to sign up for a process that can be considered as theirs. It is a technique that can be found quite effective in certain situation. Securing a seat for a webinars can be seen as a motivation. However, it may not work for a product.
Financial impact must be ensured with every possible click on the webpage. Performance of CTA button can be tested with the both “My” and “Your” expression. Through a test, it can become clear that “My” is much more effective word than “Your”. Positive influences can be guaranteed in the process. Minimum 90% increase can be observed with the CTR in due course.
Use CTA buttons along with the banner
Location of CTA button is given a great amount of thought by most of the digital marketers. It is generally placed on the permanent pages such as prices and products. However, importance must be given on special occasion as well. Season campaign can be initiated by adding CTA button. Influence of the CTA button can be increased further if it is presented beside the banner. Placement of the banner is mostly seen on the home page.
Impact of the CTA button based on the placement can be tested through A/B testing. Through results, it has become quite clear that CTA must be created along the banner for desired result. Conversion rate can be increased by 250% in the process.

Testing the trust signals
Privacy policy, security emblem and other measures are generally taken in order to build trust. Level of anxiety among the customer can be decreased to some extent in the process. Data security is considered one of the important features for an online platform. Therefore, trust signals are also necessary to enhance the Click-through-rate. However, inclusion of privacy policy can bring negative effect on the brand as well. Use of trust signal must be done with lot of care.
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