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How web applications are changing Part 2

In the previous article, some changes in the world of web applications have been explored. However, it is certainly not enough. Therefore, some other alterations have been explained with this article.
User experience must be given preference
Due to popularity of web application, things have changed in the market completely. Simple and intuitive applications are expected by the users. It has certainly created pressure on the developers. User experience has become a critically important factor. If the developer is unable to offer simple application then problems can be observed at the time of adoption. In the beginning, UI design is made by the developers in several occasions. Through testing, simplicity of app can be ensured perfectly.
Huge requirement of APIs
Previously, in-house software has been utilized by business organization in most occasions. SaaS option is targeted to deal with the requirement. For the purpose of CRM, a particular service may be utilized. However, collaboration can be accomplished by some other means as well. Reporting applications have been utilized in the similar method as well.
Through above things, it is possible to understand the task of a developer. Communication system must be integrated effectively through the app. Therefore, growth of web application has been observed especially from the field of APIs. It can be considered a trend for web application that may gain popularity in the future.
Integration of various other kinds of systems can be done as well. It is possible to notice a system at perfect place. However, API must be offered to serve the purpose adequately. Therefore, it is always better to go with an architecture that is API centric.
Loaded with interactivity
More use of web applications is seen now that offers similar feature of a native application. Development process must be improved further to ensure the shift effectively. Due to this reason, it is possible to come across development from the server side as well as client side. Influence of browser has become more important than traditional server.
In order to ensure interactivity with the web application, framework called Angular.js can be utilized. As a result of faster search engine Chrome that has been created with JavaScript, it has become possible to take advantage from effective framework. Processing of data can be managed through browser instead of backend server. User experience can be made more pleasant and interactive in the process.
Synchronized application
As a result of shift towards web based application that helps to complete function of native application, emergence of a trend has been observed. Through these web applications, constant connection with the server can be maintained. Pages can be updated immediately. Need to refresh a page may not be felt.
Huge possibility has been presented in front of the developers in the process. Problems can be faced by the developers to create real time application. Through these applications different kinds of things can be done without much hassle. Messages, chats and documents can be collaborated with each other for greater amount of benefit. It is believed that web application may be improved further in the future.
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