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How web applications are changing Part 1

In the world of business, web application is becoming more and more significant. Competitive advantage can be ensured to the company in due course. Therefore, it must be utilized within the model of company after understanding its evolution perfectly.
Standards of web application are changing with every passing day. Innovative tools are introduced in the market. It is important to care about these changes. Business houses are becoming more internet-friendly now-a-days. Therefore, development and sustainability of internet can play an important role in the process quite certainly. Through creation of custom software for the business, competitive edge has been ensured. So, let’s explore the world of web application further.
Diversity in hardware
Uses of tablets and smartphones have increased considerable in last few years. . As a result, utilization of responsive designing has been enhanced as well. It is necessary to create application that fits with different kinds of interfaces and screen sizes. Expansion of trend has been noticed. Smart devices such as glasses, watches and televisions have been introduced in the market. Therefore, change in the thought process is essential to keep up with the market trend.
Both the screen sizes and resolutions have been altered. It is necessary to develop an application for different browsers. Hierarchy must be determined by the developer at the time of creating application.
Devices are presented with different kinds of speeds. However, processing power in addition to memory of power desktop is still not achieved by mobile phone. Therefore, developers are facing problems to create codes. They have been trying to ensure excellent load time to satisfy the customer.
Some amount of difference has been made due to introduction of touchscreen as well. Therefore, action buttons must be placed at the right place. Visibility of these buttons must be increased. Focus towards the action button can be increased further through color and texture of action button.
Enhancement of security
Both the interface and usability of web application has improved. However, similar kind of proclamation cannot be made for security. In 96% apps, it is possible to come across some kind of vulnerability.
Does it change the app development process? Yes, more importance is given application security by the developers now. Developers are trying to learn about the standards of security and incorporate it within the application. It has become certainly a top priority.
Therefore, difficulties have been faced by the developer to create quality application for the user. Security of app has been preferred more than even the development speed. Intrusion within the platform of internet has been increasing every day. Proper measures must be taken. If the app is unable to protect the personal data of the user then it cannot be trusted at all. Due to this reason, more things are incorporated within the web application to protect the user.
Offering more importance to the tool
For the creation of complex web application, skills are required quite certainly. Therefore, developer must gather knowledge about security, architecture and database. Tools for web applications are emerging from several locations. Job of the developer can be made easy in the process.

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