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How Twitter has changed brand marketing the last 10 years

This year, Twitter has been completing their 10 years. Therefore, it is possible to observe celebration from this social media platform. CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has recently interacted with the media. On the occasion, journalists have concentrated on the limit of 140 characters more than other issues.
Twitter has been known as a micro-blogging site. Messages are generally delivered to others through tweets. It helps to know about the followers. From the tweets, it is possible to get answers of different kinds of questions. However, Twitter is moved beyond mere information delivery. Business promotion can be done in an effective manner with the assistance from Twitter. For the purpose of social media marketing, Twitter has become very important. Professionals have been using following ways to improve marketing effort within social media.
Sharing links of items
By reading about a product or service, prospective customer may show interest to look at the product. For this purpose, links of the services or products are delivered through the platform of Twitter. It becomes possible to reach extensive amount of customer in the process. Ideas related to the blog post can be generated in the process. Diverse ranges of ideas and stories can be offered that may not be seen within the blog site in the past.
Building network
Through Twitter, network for the business can be created quite easily. People with same kind of interest can be found in the process. Search can be done on the basis of location as well. Diverse kinds of tools can be found in order to get new people for the brand effectively.
Bond of relation is strengthened
People from other network often enter in to the platform of Twitter to connect with customers. Instant messaging system can be utilized for the purpose as well. In most occasions, Twitter is used to give out information from events especially conferences.
Re-distribution of blog site content
Blogs from the site can be redistributed once again through Twitter. However, things must be done carefully. Help from the professionals can be taken. Blogs may have been read by some of followers in the past. Therefore, automatic plug-ins must be avoided in every given occasion. It is better to tweet the post manually. Customization can be done on each tweet for effective result. Freshness of the tweet can be maintained in the process.

Be a part of tweeting events
To increase fame of an event, the method of live tweeting can be utilized. It is considered effective as these tweets are part of citizen journalism. High amount of importance is attached with these tweets as well. Several people can be connected with the niche through this process. Contribution can be made to the current discussion easily.
Giving out stories to the journalist
Message can be delivered to the journalist in the process. Stories can be pitched perfectly in due course.
Developing communication with the team
Twitter can be viewed as an intranet company that helps to connect employees. Useful of the Twitter can be seen on the occasion. Employees from different geographical location can be connected as well.
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